About Me

My name is Adriana, 

And the adorable cat you see above is Óscar (one of my two kitties, the other one is a beautiful girl that you might occasionally see around here, I call her Sra. Gata. I'm 26 and I'm a portuguese girl living in the center of Portugal. I adore felines, I simply cannot/won't live without their presence in my life. I also love beauty, fashion and photography, so I decided to combine all of these passions and create a blog that suits me and my interests, and who knows, maybe yours too. So this is my blog, I truly hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact me via e-mail.

I share cruelty-free* beauty only. If you find brands that are not cruelty-free on this blog, they are probably older posts. I always disclaim about whether they are or not cruelty-free.

*Brands that do not test their ingredients on animals (that are not sold in China). This does not mean they are vegan, but when they do, I always mention it (if I have that information).

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What's your opinion?

  1. Olá! Já somos duas, sou completamente apaixonada por gatos :) Sobretudo pela minha, claro.


  2. Sou apaixonadíssima por felinos, sejam eles grandes, médios ou pequenos. São a minha grandíssima paixão e sem dúvida o meu ponto franco.. :)

    Segui o blog, gostei muito!

  3. I love cats! Hope to know more about you through your posts


  4. Adoro a tua maneira de ser, nunca mudes!


  5. Wow!! Apaixonada pelas fotos do seu blog, arrasou ein!

    Ser Para Florescer | Blog

  6. Apaixonada pela foto tão fofa! É linda parabéns...

  7. Que ternura de fotografia!
    Estou a adorar conhecer o teu blog. E adoro meows também!
    Um beijo